Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Remembering Dr. Tiller

Last night I went with my wife to the Religious Coalition for Reproduce Choice memorial service for Dr. George Tiller last night at the National City Christian Church. It was a very moving service, with Dr. Leroy Carhart delivering the euology for his colleague and friend.

Most people didn't understand Dr. Tiller's work - they didn't understand the basic facts about what late-term abortions are, who has them and why. I urge you to read this article which explains the facts and the stories of women who have had these procedures. I would also recommend visiting IAmDrTiller.com, which collects the stories of the people who dedicate their lives to making abortion, safe, legal and accessible.

Individuals and private organizations will keep up the important work of clinic defense, but it is now up to the U.S. Justice Department, along with state and local governments, to take meaningful steps to monitor and prevent threats and acts of terrorism against abortion providers throughout the country.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reduced posting

This blog will see reduced posting for a short while because I am busy with actual lawyer things. As a small consolation, I leave you with this off-topic but mildly amusing snippet from a recent environmental decision in the Ninth Circuit:
We begin with the cross-appeal, which contests the dismissal of the [claims against the] Water District on Eleventh Amendment immunity grounds. The parties disagree mightily about this issue and had gotten so wrapped up in the arguments about it that none of them had stepped back to ask why it matters. We asked that question of the attorneys at oral argument, and once they got past the deer-in-the-headlights moment they could offer no good reason why we, or they, should care if the Water District is in or out of this lawsuit. We believe that it does not matter at all.
I like to imagine the lawyers getting postcards of deer from their friends for months.