Friday, December 22, 2006

Inaugural post

Welcome to Polymorphous Perversity, a place for all my law-related musings. While I have previously done such informal legal writing in a school publication and in my personal blog, it seemed useful to have a dedicated space for it. (For one thing, it will, I hope, motivate me to do more of it.) While I make no promises regarding the frequency or quality of posts, I intend to make regular posts here which will range from half-organized passing thoughts to annotated links to polished short essays. This blog does focus on a specific area of law per se, but will generally reflect my personal interests in issues related to gender, sexuality, and human rights.

About me: As I write this, I am one semester away from graduating with law and social work degrees from Case Western Reserve University. I hope to dedicate my career primarily to civil rights-related work, and am particularly interested in work on behalf of sexual and gender minorities.


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