Tuesday, January 9, 2007

La ley de identidad de género (Spain)

I just finished going over final (I hope!) changes for my forthcoming Note with our journal's editor-in-chief. (Thanks so much for your patience, Laura!) In a last-minute post-script, I note that Spain is poised to enact just the sort of legislative reform I'm advocating -- that is, to allow legal recognition of gender transition without a surgical requirement. I just checked, and apparently this bill, having been passed by the lower house of the parliament and transmitted to the Senate, remains in committee there as of mid-December.

Tracking legislation in a foreign country whose language you have only the most tenuous grasp of is a challenge. I wish I could meaningfully peruse proposed amendments. Heck, I wish I could figure out the legislative calendar. All I know is, they'd better pass it, and they'd better pass it after we go to print!

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