Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Marriage debate continues in France

Marriage equality continues to be a hot issue (although far from the top issue) in the French presidential elections, following Tuesday's unsurprising ruling by the Court de Cassation, which held the 2004 civil marriage of two men from the city of Belges to be illegal. This follows that court's decision last month that a nonbiological lesbian parent could not adopt her daughter.

Without getting too much into French politics, the Socialist candidate (consistently running a close second in the polls) promises to see a marriage equality bill introduced, while the apparent center-right front runner opposes such a measure.

The couple that just lost in the Court de Cassation have promised to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. That court has thus far refused to recognize the extension of European Convention Article 12 (right to marry) to same-sex couples, but it is certainly conceivable that in the future it could - as indicated, for example, by that court's gradual evolution of view with regard to transsexualism.

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