Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another trans discrimination suit in Texas

A Texas newspaper reports on a new suit in brought in another part of the state by a fired refinery employee. The paper quotes from the complaint:
"Initially, Jeanmard was using the men's bathroom at the refinery but his presence was objected to by other male workers," the suit states. "This prompted him to begin using the ladies' bathroom, which was then objected to by the female workers."
How's that for a catch-22? Then the employer had the brilliant idea of requiring the plaintiff to call management for an escort for every bathroom visit.

The article seems to suggest the suit was filed in state court, which seems odd; I'm not aware of any precedent in Texas law for this kind of suit, whereas a Texas federal court just permitted one in the Lopez case.

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Aviva said...

Also, can we discuss that the newspaper, the suit, and *the lawyer this person hired* all refer to her as "he"? Just sayin'.