Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick headlines on abortion, marriage, speech

  • Via RHRealityCheck, Justice Ginsburg had some recent comments about the state of abortion rights that you should read. H/t to Nan Hunter.
  • Via Leonard Link, a New York judge has rejected a legal challenge to Gov. Paterson's directive to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages, saying the Governor was simply implementing established state law.
  • The UK Guardian had an interesting piece on Tuesday on Mexico City's ground-breaking law permitting abortion. H/t to RHRealityCheck.
  • Via Feministing and the Legal Satyricon: A California woman was expelled from a Social Security office last week for wearing a t-shirt reading simply "" (Wandered over to that URL if you like; there's not much to look at.) As Marc Randazza notes, it is black-letter constitutional law that you can't do that. Turns out the guard was, surprise, working for a private company under contract with Homeland Security. Someone at Homeland Security evidently took first-year Con Law, and they apologized for the action as "inappropriate and unacceptable."

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