Friday, November 21, 2008

Best. Amicus. Ever. (God.)

As Prop 8 goes to the California Supreme Court, God is definitely in the mix - as amicus curiae. God's legal brief (PDF) comes to us via Mariette Do-Nguyen, founder of the World Divine Mission and "Heiress of the Almighty Eternal Creator." The brief is in the fine and colorful tradition of deranged and emphatically pro se legal filings that bring a bit of whimsy (along with wasted clerical work) to judges' chambers everywhere. This genre is known for its generous use of bold text, exclamation marks and wild tangents.

Did I mention that, according to God's brief, Rev. Falwell was right about 9/11 being punishment for America's rampant sodomy? Oh yes. The long illnesses of Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justice O'Connor (maybe God means her husband, or maybe he means Justice Ginsburg?) were also "a result of their services that badly hurt eternal life of human souls." George Bush, Bill Clinton, the CIA, Satan and "murdered unborn babies" also make appearances.

You may have missed it, but God, through his "Heiress," spoke (PDF) in the 2004 California marriage litigation as well, saying:
Master of universe asked me for through this Motion, He ordered worldwide government officials of Executive Branches, Legislative Branches and Judiciary Branches must quickly pass constitution amendment defending marriages right between a man and a woman, and ban all same sex partners/same sex activities; and same sex activities must be charges as crime [grave sins] against God tremendously damaging human race societies.
Please, sisters and brothers, pass God's word on.

Via Bilerico.

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