Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Corporate Censorship Redux: Sex Bloggers Calendar

Recently I noted the various censorious corporate moves by companies like Citibank and Google that made life difficult for sex writer and filmmaker Audacia Ray. Ray's online store is now playing host to another victim of private regulation of online sexual speech: the Sex Bloggers Calendar, which has had repeated troubles with PayPal. Saith the Sex Bloggers:

We believe what has caused PayPal to twice now review our account is the word “sex” in both our email address and the actual calendar title. ...It is obvious to us and many others in this community that PayPal is not good to use for anyone in the adult industry. We were aware of others who had had their accounts frozen and their funds taken by PayPal for what PayPal felt was a violation for their TOS. We did not think when we set up our Paypal account we would have this problem because there is no nudity in our calendar. As a matter of fact our calendar shows less skin than the Sport Illustrated calendar does but we do not want to take the risk of having the funds in our account seized.

Proceeds from the calendar go to Sex Work Awareness, a public education project that seeks to reduce the stigma and challenges faced by sex workers.

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