Monday, January 26, 2009

Miscellaneous updates

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports on the upcoming trial in U.S. v. Extreme Associates, with the headline: "Obscenity case begs question: Whose standard? Extreme Associates trial may be catalyst for change." (H/t How Appealing.)

Womanist Musings discusses the invisibility of Black LGBT people and looks at some relevant data. Notably, the post points to one survey showing that among Black LGBT folks, relationship recognition ranks third as a movement priority, after tackling HIV/AIDS and hate violence. (H/t Feministing.)

hunter of justice decries the lack of any openly LGBT federal judges at the appellate level, and reports on a gay British judge's revelation that he was subjected to veritable witch hunt when he first sought appointment in 1994.

Greta Christina asks why, under the First Amendment, we treat sex differently from, well, everything else.

Sex in the Public Square notes that Sweden's National Board of Health & Welfare has eliminated the classification of gender variance, BDSM and sexual fetishes and psychological disorders. Sweden is also set to allow same-sex couples to marry come Spring. So I'll forgive the Swedes, for the moment, their flawed approach to reforming prostitution laws.

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