Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The obligatory Inauguration post

Yes, I was there on the Mall - if the foot of the Washington Monument counts as the Mall. It was amazing.

There was plenty of booing when former(!) President Bush entered, and some more when Rick Warren was introduced. Other folks turned their backs in protest of Warren's noxious views on LGBT equality. But at such a moment, sharing a long, loving kiss with your significant other is the best protest of all.

Also, Bishop Gene Robinson appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation on Monday to discuss his role in the inaugural concert, the frustrating "technical error" that kept his invocation from being broadcast, and other matters besides. It's an interesting interview.

Arthur Leonard says LGBT activists should not feel turned off by that flub or by the President(!)'s failure to mention LGBT folks in his inaugural address. I'm inclined to agree with him that " there is too much feverish interpretation going on here." The proof, of course, will be in the pudding.

By pudding I mean executive rule changes and legislative initiatives. Hopefully also among that pudding will be a quick move to repeal the "global gag rule" that bars international family planning groups from even discussing abortion.

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