Thursday, February 26, 2009

Protecting our children

Via Feministe: despite promises from Democrats, the proposed Omnibus Appropriations Act retains most funding for ineffective abstinence-only education. Click here to tell Congress to stop funding this nonsense.

Meanwhile: Waking Vixen asks why, when minors involved in prostitution are apparently being treated more leniently than adults, minors who produce their own amateur pornography are treated more hashly than adults. It seems the same concerns would apply to both situations involving possible coercion, later effects of the fact of involvement on the minor's life, and the possibility of feeding a market that promotes abuse of minors generally are applicable in both contexts.

WV's post is prompted bythe FBI's recent arrests in various cities of a large number of adult sex workers and their clients, which is being touted by the FBI as part of a campaign against child prostitution.

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