Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another sign of change in Argentina

This one has been making the blog rounds and is not law-related, but I just couldn't resist. I recently noted that Argentina is lifting its ban on out gay and lesbian members in the military, as is the Philippines. Here's another sign that Argentina, like Latin America generally, is seeing leaps and bounds of progress in LGBT activism and acceptance. There's a long way to go for trans people in Argentina and neighboring countries, but it's a pretty big deal when a bank uses a message of trans acceptance to advertise itself:

I can't imagine any financial institution in the U.S. doing a similar ad. In fact, I can't really imagine any major corporation selling itself with this kind of message of inclusion. Not only that, this ad is a thousand times better than most depictions of trans people in the media anywhere. Instead of treating a trans person like a spectacle or a joke, and making the fact of her gender history a laugh line or a dramatic reveal, here we see it treating in a matter-of-fact, unsensational way. Indeed, the story isn't that this woman is trans, but that her neighbor is sorry for making it a big deal. Depicting a trans woman as an apparently successful business owner is just icing. Yes, as one blogger put it, Banco Provincial is "Pro-Transgendered People, Pro-Little Old Men."

If only getting a loan made people rethink their prejudices in real life!

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