Friday, February 2, 2007

Here we go... anti-marriage amendments in action

Yesterday Michigan's Court of Appeals held that, under the state's recent anti-gay constitutional amendment, public agencies cannot offer health benefits to same-sex domestic partners. This includes public universities, state agencies and local governments, irrespective of whether the benefits policy arises from collective bargaining. This is one of the first major indications (see below) of just how pernicious these amendments are going to be. One wonder whether voters in these states - who, polling data suggests, often oppose marriage equality while supporting other rights for same-sex couples - will experience buyer's remorse.

Without getting into the legal niceties (because I really should be studying), it seems clear to me that this decision could provide support for the Ohio Supreme Court if it decides (in a pending case) to strike down Ohio's domestic violence under a similar amendment. But as the Michigan court itself noted, much can be made of the slightly varying language from state to state.

Addendum: How Appealing collects press coverage of the Michigan ruling here.

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