Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ballot measure, election results!

How Appealing collected the following AP headlines:

"California gay marriage vote still undecided"
(though it's not looking good)

"Florida voters pass amendment banning gay marriage"

"South Dakotans reject second try at abortion ban"

"Colo. voters soundly defeat anti-abortion measure"

"Ark. voters OK unmarried foster, adoption bans"

"Neb. voters approve ban on affirmative action"

Also, Federal Marriage Amendment standard-bearer Marylin Musgrave lost her house seat in Colorado!

In San Francisco, the tally on Proposition K is reportedly around 57-43 against. I don't know what those heavily involved in the campaign think, but to me that looks like a very strong showing for a highly controversial measure. It has sparked a lot of debate and perhaps will be back in the future.

The election results have me wondering about the following questions:
  • Which Justice(s) will be announcing their retirement from the Supreme Court come next summer?
  • How will the changed political landscape change the fight over trans inclusion in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act?
  • Will any LGBT rights legislation move in Congress in Obama's first year in office?
  • Will Proposition 8 (if it passed) be held to be retroactive?
  • How many years will it be before voters consider reversing Proposition 8?
  • When Arkansas's new adoption ban is inevitably challenged in court, will the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals split with the Eleventh Circuit, which upheld Florida's ban?
  • Will the defeat of the "embryo rights" amendment in Colorado and the all-out abortion ban in South Dakota forestall a push for similar measures in other states? (Hopefully so, and likewise the failure of the anti-trans measure in Montgomery County, MD to make it on the ballot!)

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Laura said...

I've been poking around all day looking for these results collected in one convenient place and it only just now occurred to me to look here.

Thank you!