Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scattered observations on the election

At Bilerico, Jillian Weiss recalls Barney Frank's statement last year that "if we can pick up 15 Democratic [House] seats, then I think we are in a good position to pass a transgender-inclusive ENDA." As Weiss notes, House Democrats picked up at least 19 seats. By the strategic standards of those who supported a non-inclusive ENDA, the time for that strategy is behind us. It is time to move forward with a fully inclusive bill.

Chris at Sex in the Public Square and Renegade Evolution have some reflections on the effort to pass Proposition K in San Francisco.

It now appears that even when all the votes are counted Prop 8 will pass. There is already litigation underway to challenge it. I've previously opined that attempting to challenge the substance of Prop 8, as somehow irreconcilable with the rest of the constitution, is a loser. But the leading argument being made now seems to be that Prop 8 is such a significant change that, under the state constitution, it should have been approved by the legislature before going to the voters (which would never have happened). The alternative argument is that the amendment isn't retroactive. It's not clear to me how strong these arguments are, but how the state's high court rules on them could well be an issue in the justices' 2010 retention races. Arthur Leonard gives a rundown of these suits, as well as the probably constitutional challenge to the Arkansas foster parenting/adoption ban.

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